Hearing Apps

Control your hearing aids, find relief from your tinnitus, take a hearing test and play listening games.

My Audibel

Leap connectivity barriers in a single app

Designed with the input of hearing aid wearers, My Audibel pairs with Intrigue AI hearing aids to help you enjoy greater listening moments, improved well-being and easier everyday living — all from the palm of your hand. User friendly and easy to read, it delivers benefits far beyond just better hearing.

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Thrive Hearing

Monitor your body and brain health with your smartphone and the Thrive™ Hearing app. The Thrive Hearing app is a full-featured, easy-to-use app that puts you in control of your Arc AI, Via Edge AI, Via AI and Via hearing aids.

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Hear Share

Hear Share provides peace of mind to those you choose to share information with while helping you feel confident and independent.

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Relax – Tinnitus Relief

Did you know an estimated 50 million Americans experience tinnitus? Relax is a tinnitus app that includes 12 different relief sounds designed to decrease the loudness or prominence of tinnitus and provide personalised relief.

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TruLink Hearing Control

Easily stream phone calls, music and more directly to your hearing aids. TruLink® seamlessly connects your Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids to your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch® with pristine sound.

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